Seek the Truth EP

by I May Profess

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Track 1: The Truth Will Kill You
Track 2: Can You afFORD Crack?!
Track 3: Cheater
Track 4: Oneironaut

Recorded in North Bay, Ontario Canada. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Juno Nominated Ben Leggett. All music and lyrics were written and created by the members of I May Profess, and is rightfully owned by the band, and the members themselves. Speech in "Oneironaut" by Alan Watts. All rights of this speech go to Alan Watts and his successors.

Jared Hill - Vocals/Lyrics
Josh Nowry - Guitar/Backing Vocals/Lyrics
Scottie Cloutier - Bass/Backing Vocals
Geoff Sullivan: Drums


released June 15, 2015

I May Profess

Seek The Truth

Jared Hill - Vocals
Josh Nowry - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Scottie Cloutier - Bass/Backing Vocals
Geoff Sullivan - Drums
Ben Leggett - Recording/Mixing/Mastering
Robert Boni - Saviour

Special Thanks:
Our families, both by blood and by having a special place in our hearts. Ben Leggett for being such a great help and delivering an incredible sound on this record. Those in the North Bay music scene for their ongoing support and kindness. The Fraser family for supporting the band before we truly were a band, and believing in us during our initial developments. Break the Trend. Endeavour. The Muff Huffer. Tomorrow In Mind. Face the Hate. The White Coals. Brodie Wood. Pursue the Empire. Of Tall Tales. Bookakee. Metronome Jones. Beyond Creation. The Superlative. thekillingfield. Fallen Accolade. ReMo Mann for helping at venues. Chris Ali. The Donnybrooks.

Those who believed in us.
Those That Didn't.




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


I May Profess North Bay, Ontario

A 4-piece Progressive Hardcore band from North Bay, Ontario. Consisting of some of the most intense musicians within their region, I May Profess promises to be an unforgettable horror show of lyrics, brutal breakdowns,and intense musicianship

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Track Name: The Truth Will Kill You
In search for something more,
the unseen hand I abhor
Rise from your confusion!
It's time for a revolution

Centuries stained and written in blood,
The lies you hide,
There is no greater good
The lies you hide,
There is no greater goo,
The government is elusive,
Destructive and abusive

In search for the truth,
A dying youth,
Plagued by your fallacy,
I have come to understand
The truth will kill me

You've made an enemy!
My bitterness,
Tries to find an end to this,
Unrelenting falsity,
Those in parliament and the popacy,
Do not keep in mind,
Who they undermine,
All they see is dollar signs
And ignore, the lives they take

Open minds and open hearts,
The unseen hand is torn apart,
Freedom, where the F**K are you?!
Liberty, why have you, hidden from VIEW?
Track Name: Can You afFORD Crack?!
Let's get it on!

Move past but don't belong,
Is there something wrong
Since the crack came along?

Probably...probably in one of my drunken stupors

Is this an illusion?
Blind, lost in confusion,
Can, you even breath?
Will you ever leave?
You keep refusin'

Can you feel the fire,
As your reputation expires,
And everything you love leaves you alone,
you have too much to eat at home,
the facade you created,
becomes too complicated,
the media will strip you to the bone


Oh I will kill you!
I don't know what I'm doing
nightmares come true,
a solid state unmoving,
try the threat,
I will not regret,
In this political gamble,
You have nothing left to bet,
I will kill you,

Can you feel the fire,
As your reputation expires,
And everything you love leaves you alone,
you have too much to eat at home,
the facade you created,
becomes too complicated,
the media will strip you to the bone

Can You afFORD Crack?! x2
Track Name: Cheater
I think it's fair,
I find it true,
Somberly stare,
And I see through,
I can't believe,
That you deceive,
I think it's fair,
that you feel like I do

You took love from me,
And hence I will do the same,
Is this how you,
Wanted it to be?
How dare you use his name?!

Deep in the darkness,
Of our beloved home,
Where the temptress,
Turned the throne,
I will make you watch,
As I make your lover,

No mercy,
No remorse,
You chose,
This course,
try to turn back the clock,
As I pry open your eyes
You go into shock

Hell will feel like heaven,
As the devil himself,
Vomits at the sight of,
the dismembered,
disemboweled drone
I send to his lair
You took love from me,
It's time I do the same


I gave you my trust,
And you took it away,
into another's arms thrust,
No longer today

Track Name: Oneironaut
I've been,
Asleep my entire life,
A number, a sheep
Is this all life has to offer?!
I would rather die!

One day I will,
Break beyond this,
And realize my full potential,
The day and night are,
and I will fight,
For what I aspire to become,
I will be,
That I've set out to be,
There's something so much greater than me
and I,
That this is all a dream

I have torn myself
From flesh to soul,
Seeking out my purpose

I could never be let down,
I will seek my aspirations out

Life is a search for,
what you cannot reach,
An endless cycle,
A cause for Chaos,
A relentless circle,
Spiraling down

And I would die,
To seek,
Out all of my dreams,
I can,
become everything,
I wish,
Fabricate my own
Reality inside the mind,
More powerful than any,
Any devastation,
I shall awaken,
One day,
I could never be forgotten,
I could never be forgotten

Take this whole world by storm,
Seize the Day,
Seek the truth,